Micro Photography

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Micro Photography

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I just discovered I love macro photography. So I purchase a macro lens for my iPhone which can also be used on my iPad. Insects that I never payed any attention to before is now Part of the pleasure in capturing what nature offers. You can almost find them anywhere in your backyard on nature trails parks and so on.

Micro photography is capturing flowers and living organisms very close-up. As a result, The subject is larger than life size.

I capture this Mexican Kadydid sitting on a very red rose in my garden. I was lucky it paid no attention to me and allow me the opportunity to adjust my distance to get a good photo. I was excited to capture his green colors and eyes which displayed well on the red rose. Mexican Kadydid is a species of phaneropterine in the family Tettigonildae. Naming these insects is educational and rewarding.

Join me for the next series of micro photography in my next blog