Jigsaw puzzles during Coronavirus Pandamic

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Jigsaw puzzles during Coronavirus Pandamic

I never thought that a jigsaw puzzle could be an asset to ones well being during COVID - 19 until I ran across an article on AARP -Jigsaws provide multigenerational fun and an escape from worry
by Tanya Bricking Leach, AARP, May 18, 2020.

Some people have picked up puzzling as a hobby. My family enjoy puzzling while keeping our mind stimulated and adding more variety to our day especially since the coronavirus pandemic, we don’t travel as much.

The author wrote of Carmen who stated: "I like images that are bright,” she says, “especially in the world we're in right now. I've got two family members in Detroit in the hospital with COVID, so this is a distraction that's definitely needed."

The author also discussed Surge in puzzle sales
Stay-at-home orders have sent jigsaw puzzles flying off the shelves almost as quickly as toilet paper. Puzzle makers say sales are up 300 to 370 percent over what they were this time a year ago.

"We're seeing sales numbers that are exceeding what we usually experience during December during the height of holiday shopping season,” says Thomas Kaeppeler, president of Ravensburger North America, a leading puzzle brand. “To put that in perspective, Ravensburger sold about seven puzzles per minute in 2019, and so far in 2020, we are looking closer to selling 20 puzzles per minute.”

Ceaco, a leading U.S. puzzle company, did more online sales on one day in March than in all of December, Ceaco President Carol Glazer says.

Suppliers are struggling to keep puzzles in stock because the coronavirus has temporarily shut down factories. But the demand is not letting up. It's not just new-fangled 3D puzzles or mystery boxes that are popular. It's ordinary 300- to 1,000-piece designs of landscapes or artwork or animals that are captivating people. At, as an Independent Artist with Fine Art America, our puzzle pieces are in 500 and 1,000 pieces. The nice thing about our jigsaw puzzle is solving the images capture by artist. In my case, photography.

Jigsaw puzzle solving definitely brings to me, calm, peace of mind, less worry, stimulates the brains and allows for family or personal fun.